Chicken wanton soup 


Chicken stock :-       4 cups 

Chicken mince:-       1/2 cup 

Black paper:-            1 tbs

Chopped garlic:-       1 Tbs 

Egg yolks:-                 1 nos 

Wrapper square:-   As required 

Soya sauce:-             1 TSP 

Salt:-                          according to taste 

Spanch leaves:-      1 piece

Process of making:- 

1:- First boil chicken stock in a pan .

2:- Combine chicken mince , black paper , chopped garlic in a bowl and mix well  

3:- Beat egg yolks well .

4:- Now arrange the waffer square on a flat surface , brush them with beaten egg yolks , place a spoonful of chicken , mixture in the center .

5:- Place another square waffer square on top , press lightly and seal the edges ,so the mixture get sandwich between the squares to form a wonton.

6:- Now add salary stalk , and soya sauce , and salt to stock mix and slide the wontons gently , stair lightly and cook till , wontons start floating to the surface.

7:- In a soup bowl put some tier spanch leaves , pour the wontons soup slowly and serve hot.

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