chocolate mirror glaze 


Dark  chocolate:-                   350  gm 

Water:-                                     155  gm 

Sugar:-                                      310  gm 

Corn syrup:-                            300 gm 

Milkmaid:-                               200 ml 

Vanilla essence:-                     ½ Tsp 

Gelatin sheet:-                       20 gm 

Hot  water:-                             60 ml 

Process of making:- 

Step1:- First , soak gelatin sheet  in cold water water. 

Step2:- In a pan take  sugar and water , corn syrup , cook at 102⁰c and mix geltain sheet , vanilla essence , milkmaid. 

Step3:- Now pour the mixture over dark chopped chocolate keep some time to chocolate melt, and blend it well , and sieve. Wrap it and keep in refrigerator to set.

Step4:- Befour using warm the glaze upto 34⁰c.

Chocolate mirror glaze

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