Greek salad 


English cucumber  :- 1 nos 

Onion :- 1 nos 

Tomato:- 2 nos 

Kalkata olive:- 1/3 cup 

Capcicum:- 1 nos 

Feta cheese :- 7oz 

Olive oil :- 1/4 cup 

Lemon zest:- 1 tap 

Thyme:- 1 tap 

Origano :- 1  tap 

Red wine vinegar:- 2 tap 

Honey mustard:- 2 tap 

Lemon juice:- 2tsp 

Salt:- 1pinch 

Process of making:- 

Step1:- Take cucumber and peel it or if you using English cucumber then don’t need to peel it because is have really really thin skins and taste delicious and cut into round slices or bite sized half circle, 

Step:- Now keep the the cut cucumber a side and now chopup a red onion nice and thin slices , because thin slices have a lot of surface area and put into bowl of cucumber you can use much as you like .

Step3:- Now take kalamata olive and chop into half  and put into cucumber bowl .

 Step4:- Now take tomatos and cut into some reasonable sized wedges , salads are all about what will fit on your fork knife , you can also use cheery tomatos add as well as in cucumber bowl.

Step5:- Now take bellpaper cut and remove those seeds , remove the ribs and chop..

Step6:-Now take feta cheese and devide into two parts just half for sprincle on top I mean just crumble it over salad, this gives you like a nice creaminess , and it’s also like just delicious feta is a very strong cheese .

Step7:- Just toss that around with your finger …

Dressing of salad …

Step1:- Now for the fun part let’s make that dressing, Now take extra virgin olive oil in a jar , little bit lemon zest , dried chopped  thyme , rough chopped origano, red wine vinegar, honey mustard for a little bit of sweetness as well as some spice and finally some lemon juice now close the jar and shake it up , emulsify and have a taste test, and salt .

Step2:- Now pour  the jar mixture over salad bowl and mix lightly and ganish with oregano leaf and sprinkle balanced cheese on top  

Ready for serve 

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