Honey chilli potato

Ingredients:-  french fries

For Gravey:- 

Medium dice Green capcicum
Medium dice onion
1/2 slice green chilli
Red chilly sauce
Green chilli sauce
Soya sauce
Red food colour
Tomato ketchup
White paper
Hot red chilly powder

Process of making :- 

For potato fry:- 

Step1:- Take french fries in a bowl , now wash with water , and strain well, then spread salt , ajinomoto , white paper and mix well, 
Step2:- Now spred some water and spread some flour and coat well , now again spread some water and add spread corn flour to make french fries crspy.

For Gravey..

Step1:- In a bowl take some oil .

Step2:- Add Garlic , ginger , green chilli , onion , capcicum, , and make it brown.
Step3:- Now add Tomato ketchup, Red chilli sauce , green chilli sauce, vinegar , soya sauce , red colour, water.
Step4:- Salt , ajinomoto , white paper , sugar , Manchurian masala , red chilly powder, honey.
Step5:- At last  add potato fries and mix well.
Step6:- Garnish with white sesame seeds.

Honey chilli potato

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