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Pancakes is a flat Dessert , which is make in pan. The shape of pancakes is different in different countries. In England pancakes are leavened , but in North America baking powder is use as a leavening agent. Which creats pancakes thick , Flaffy. In some countries pancakes readymade batter is available in market, but in this batter buttermilk used at place is milk . Pancakes can be served any time with many varieties of topping like whip cream , butter cream , cheese cream , honey etc.

Pancakes is made up of milk , flour , baking powder , butter , castor sugar , salt , vanilla essence , egg .  In ancient time pancakes was made with wheat flour , olive oil , honey , curdle milk and served in breakfast. The name pancakes appear in 15 century in english cookbook. The name pancakes is differ in different countries. In Canada , United States pancakes are eaten in Tuesday and know as pancakes day. Historically the pancakes was made on shrove.

Preparation time :-25-30 minutes

Category:- Dessert

Ingredients:- milk , flour , baking powder , butter , castor sugar , salt , vanilla essence , egg.


Milk:-     200 ml

Flour:-    200 gm

Baking powder:- 2 gm

Butter:-           70 gm

Castor sugar:-    50 gm

Salt:-                  2 gm

Vanilla essence:-  1Tsp

Eggs:-           2 Nos

Process of making:- 

Step1:- First mix butter and sugar in stand mixer , untill sugar dissolves, then add eggs one by one , and mix well.

Step2:- when egg mixed well , then add milk, flour , salt , baking powder , and vanilla essence and mix well.

Step3:- Now stain the mixture ..

Step4:- Now take a pan on medium heat , add some butter , when butter melt , then put pancakes batter and bake from both side untill become brown.

Step5:- Now garnish the pancakes with whip cream , or chocolate brownie , buttter , honey , and serve hot.


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