About pita base

Pita base is a Italian savoury dish. It looks like pizza base  there is only one different between pizza base and pita base . In pizza base we use pizza dough docker but in pita base nothing. Pita base is use for make some special sandwich. Pita base is very easy to make at home by simple step. Pita base can be baked in pan. The size of pita base is 7-8 Inch. Pita base can be stored for many day’s.. pita base is made up of flour , sugar , salt , gluten ,Improver , butter , milk powder , yeast , water.. 

Country of origin:- Itly

Baking temperature:- 200⁰c

Baking timing:- 10-15 minutes.


flour:-                   1kg

Sugar:-                  60gm

Salt:-                      20 gm

Gluten:-                 05gm

Improver:-            05 gm

Milk powder:-       50 gm

Butter:-                  50 gm

Yeast:-                     20 gm

Water:-                   400-450 gm

Process of making:- 

Step1:- First in a bowl take flour , sugar , salt , yeast , gluten, Improver ,butter , milk powder .

Step2:- By adding water knead the dough with hand or in spiral mixer, untill dough become smooth and elastic.

Step3:-  Now rest the dough for 10 minutes.

Step4:- Now roll the dough and make 3 mm sheet , now cut cut the sheet with 8 inch round cutter, and keeep the base in clean tray for proffing.

Step5:-When base proffed bake in preheated oven at 200⁰c for 10-15 minutes.

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