About sandwich

is a type of fast food. Sandwich is made up of vegetables , cheese ,
paneer , egg , meat , fish, sauce, chutney , butter etc. Sandwich can be
use as launch. Sandwich is very easy to make, and it is good for
traveling , onece sandwich made can be stored upto three days. In
sandwich Green chutney, Red chutney, butter , mayonnaise, Mustard sauce,
BBQ sauce, are used to making sandwich. Sandwich is a type of street
food , it can be served both warm and cool.

Sandwich is made in
many veriety like mumbai toast sandwich, vegetable grill sandwich,
paneer sandwich, chocolate hazelnut sandwich, chocolate peanut butter
sandwich etc.. Sandwich are making since 18th century.

Toasting temperature:- 180-190⁰c

Toasting timing:- 8-10 minutes

Slice bread , butter, pizza souce , onion , tomato , Capcicum , salt , process cheese , chilli flakes , mix herbs.

Process of making :- 

2 slice bread , butter , pizza souce

Onion , tomato , Capcicum , 

salt , pizza souce ,cheese , mix herbs + chilli flakes.

Step1:- First take 2 slice bread and spread butter, then spread pizza sauce.

Now in a bowl take chopped onion , chopped Capcicum , chopped tomato , chilli flakes , mix herbs , salt and mix

Step3:- Now put all mixed ingredients on slice bread.

Step4:-Now toaste in preheated oven at 170-190⁰ c for 8-10 minutes. Or grill in griller at 190⁰c for 8-10 minutes.

Deep:- pizza sauce+ tomato ketchup

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