Rava Cake 


Egg:-               2Nos

Sugar:-           1 cup 

Yogurt:-         1 cup 

Oil:-                2/3 cup 

Salt:-               1 pinch 

Vnilla essence:- 1 TSP 

Rava:-             1 cup 

Baking powder:- 1TSP

Coconut powder:- 1/2 cup 

Almond :- For garnishing


For syrup:- 

Water:-       1 cup 

Sugar:-         3/4 cup 

Lemon juice:- 1 TSP 

Process of making:- 

1:- In a bowl take egg , sugar , yogurt, oil , salt, vanilla essence and mix well.

2:- Now add rava , baking powder, coconut powder and mix well.

3:- Pour the battar in mold , and bake at 170⁰c for 30 to 40 minutes.

4:- Now Take a pan and put water sugar and lemon juice and cook until little thicker. 

5:- After baking the cake , pour the syrup, and keep to cool .

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