Redvelvet walnut brownie 


White  chocolate:-            120 gm 

G.s.m (fat):-                     130 gm 

Castor sugar:-                 220 gm 

Curd:-                               60 gm 

Vanilla essence:-             ½ Tsp

Flour:-                               220 gm 

Red colour:-                     Few drops 

Coco Powder :-                5 gm 

Baking powder:-             ½ Tsp 

Baking soda:-                  ½ Tsp 

Salt:-                                 1 Pinch 

Milk:-                                95 ml 

Walnut:-                           60 ml 

For Topping:-

Chopped walnut:-          250 gm 

White chocolate ganache:-      180 gm 

Process of making:-

Step1:- First melt chocolate and fat.

Step2:- Now add sugar in chocolate mixture. 

Step3:- Now add curd and vanilla essence and make smooth .

Step4:- Now add flour , baking Powder , baking soda , salt , chopped walnut. And last add red colour.

Step5:- Using butter paper pour the Battar in clean square tray.

Step6:- Bake in preheated oven at 180⁰c for 30 minutes. And make it cool


Step1:- Now coat the brownie base with white chocolate ganache and  crush walnut and spread on it.

Step2:- Serve warm.


Redvelvet walnut brownie

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