Stickly Cinnemon Roll 


For dough:- 

Milk( body temp):-       620 gm 

Yeast:-                              20 gm 

Sugar:-                             100 gm 

Eggs:-                                2 Nos

Butter:-                            130 gm

Flour:-                              1100 gm

Salt:-                                 10 gm 


Unsalted butter:-            230 gm 

Brown sugar:-                 400 gm 

Maple syrup:-                  250 gm


Brown sugar:-                 240 gm 

Cinnemon powder:-       20 gm 

Unsalted butter:-            60 gm 

Process of making:- 

For dough:-

1:- First in a bowl take milk , sugar , yeast , and mix well.

2:- Now add flour , salt , butter , egg, in stand mixer attached with hook and make a nice and smooth dough, And keep the dough for 2 hours rest.

For Goo:- 

3:- In pan take brown sugar, butter , and maple syrup and keep at medium flame and stirring until melt and bubbling pour the mixture in greased tray and keep a side .

For filling:- 

3:- In a bowl mix brown sugar and cinnamon powder, and in another bowl melt the butter.

4:- Now turn the proffed dough on table and roll it in rectangular sheet, Now brush the sheet with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnemon brown sugar mixer , Now roll the dough and cut into pieces. And placed into goo syrup  tray and keep it for rise in double in size.

5:- Bake in preheated oven at 175⁰c for 40-45 minutes, and cool the buns for 20 minutes.

6:- Serve fresh for best taste.

Cinnemon Roll

Cinnemon Roll

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