Jalebi is the famous  dessert  of India It is a sweet snacks is famous all over world, Mostly in asia and south Asia. It is made by frying in oil. And after frying soaked in sugar syruo .It is made with mixtures  of flour and water . 

The origin of jalebi  is Iran , Western  asia.

It is served  both hot and cold. The alternate  name of jalebi is see namesla.

There is some similar  dishes like jalebi is Imarti , shahi jilapi , Chhena jalebi .

The main ingredients of jalebi is flour , water , Sugar , and oil.

For making jalebi delicious  some time chef’s use citric acid or lime juice or rose water in syrup. Mostly  jalebi is eaten with curd or rabadi. Also people  take it with matha.

The kalebi is not to be confused  with similar  sweet lime imarti.

History of jalebi:-

The dough of jalebi was consist of yeast. After frying  it is dipped in rose or  honey syrup.

In Iran country jalebi is known as zolbiya , This sweet was traditionally  used for distribution  in poor during festivals. 

In 10th century cookbook there was several recipe of jalebi.  It was also mentioned  in arabic cookbook  by Ibn sayyar al warraq. That was translated by nawal Nasrallah.

According  to Hobson jabson the indian word jalebi was derived from the arabic word zulabiya. In india in 15 century the jalebi was known as kundalika.

In Mauritius  jalebi is known as Gateau moutaille .


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