Paner:- Paneer is a type of food that is made from milk. To make paneer, we first boil the milk, then add lemon juice or some people use it with alum, which makes the  milk turns into curdled, then it is torn. The milk is filtered with the help of cloth, then a heavy object is placed over the paneer  from which all the water can be drained out of it.Paneer is the best ingredients for making many delicious dish.

For health:-  Paneer is pure vegetarian.   Paneer is healthy. Paneer is the good source of vitamin and protein. Paneer is low in fats and calories. Paneer is good for digestive system and for heart. Paneer is good for loss weight. 

Measurement of obtaining paneer from milk:- 

The milk of both cow and buffalo is used to make cheese, 200 to 230 gm of cheese is made in one liter of cow’s milk, 250 to 300 gm of cheese is extracted in 1 liter of buffalo milk.

Paneer and cheese type:- Paneer and cheese are approximately same , paneer are traditional and cheese are western. Mainly cheese are use for making pizza , pasta , burgers . In globally there are 250+ types of cheese are make like  Process cheese ,  Gouda cheese , Pepperjack cheese , Brie cheese,  feta cheese, Mozzarella cheese,Cheddar cheese,parmesan cheese,parmesan cheese ,Colby jack cheese,Gruyere cheese,Camembert cheese ,Swiss cheese,Mascarpone cheese,Gorgonzola cheese ,Ricotta cheese , Roquefort cheese,Maasdam cheese ,Russian cheese,Russian cheese,Tetilla cheese,Stilton cheese,Lambert cheese,Raclette Cheese,Estonian cheese,Cottage cheese ( Paneer), Emmental cheese, Halloumi cheese, Tilsit cheese, Brynza cheese, Dorblu cheese ,Tofu, Mimolette cheese, Dziugas cheese , Boffard cheese.

Aviabilty and price of paneer:- Paneer is easily available everywhere but the quality of paneer is not good everywhere, the price of paneer can be 250 to 300 in rural area and 350 to 450 in urban areas for 1 kg.


Dish which is made by paneer:- 

Paneer chilli , paneer manchurian , paneer pizza , Paneer bhurj , paneer masala, exotic paneer , bbq paneer stay, paneer butter masala , palak paneer, matar paneer , paneer tikka , Shahi paneer , paneer kofta etc


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