Blueberry cold cheese cake

                Blueberry cold cheese cake


Whipping cream:-            250 ml 

Cream cheese:-                  750 gm 

Icing sugar:-                       130 gm 

Sour cream:-                      130 ml 

Lemon juice:-                     25 ml 

Vanilla essence:-                 1 Tsp 

For Base:- 

Marie gold Biscuit:-           350 gm 

Butter:-                                 120 gm 

Honey:-                                 50 gm 

Process of making:- 

For Base:- 

Step1:-Wrap the cheese cake baking ring mold from under with silver foil.

Crush the biscuit and add butter and honey and mix well and make crust in cheesse cake baking ring mold.

For cheese cake:- 

Step1:- First beat cream cheese and sugar.

Step2:- Now add sour cream , lemon juice and vanilla essence and mix well.

Step3:- Now add whipping cream and mix well.

Step4:- Now pour the mixture in ring and keep in refrigerator for set.

Step5:- After set remove it from mold and put blueberry crush.

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