Oreo Bar 


Oreo:-                      450 gm 

Butter:-                  120 gm 

Condensed milk:- 250 gm 

Butter :-                   90 gm 

Brown sugar:-        100 gm 

Salt:-                         1/2 TSP 

Golden syrup:-        1 TSP 

White Chocolate:-   250 gm 

Oreo:-                      20 Nos 

Process of making:- 

1:- In a bowl take smached Oreo and melted butter and make base .

2:- In another bowl take condensed milk , butter , brown sugar , 

Salt and golden syrup and mix well and pour on Oreo base. And refrigerate for 2 hours 

3:- Now melt white chocolate and pour on it.

4:- Now spread oreo on top and serve 

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Full making video

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