Royal icing

Royal icing is a type of cream , This is made by Egg white, icing sugar ,lemon juice, and essence .

Royal icing is use for decorating and making of cake , Royal icing is also use for making dummy cakes .

It can be stored many days .

Recipe of Royal Icing:- 

Egg white:-       30 gm 

Icing sugar :-     320 gm 

Lemon juice:-     6 ml 

Vanilla essence:- 10ml

Colour:-               As required.

Process of making :- 

Step1:- First sieve the icing sugar well.

Step2:- Beat the egg white flabbily

Step3:- Add icing sugar little by little.

Step4:- Add lemon and and beat by adding sugar .

Step5:- Beat untill like a peak form.

Step6:- Add glycerine , color and vanilla essence .

Note :- 

1:- Keep the cream for 10 minutes rest then use.

2:- Keep the cream in greased bowl.

Royal icing

Royal icing

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