Lemon meringue square 


For crust:- 

Marie gold:-           180 gm 

Flour:-                     150 gm 

Coconut powder:- 100gm 

Sugar:-                     30 gm 

Butter:-                    150 gm 

For filling:- 

Milkmaid:-               300 ml 

Egg yolk:-                  10 nos 

Lemon juice:-           300 ml 

Lemon zest:-             3 Tsp 

For marshmallow layer 

Cold water:-     150 ml 

Gelatin powder:- 30 ml 

Meringue powder:- 7 gm 

Sugar:-                     230 gm 

Corn syrup:-           120 ml 

Salt:-                         2 pinch 

Process of making:- 

For crust:- 

1:- In a bowl take crushed Marie gold Biscuit, flour , coconut powder , sugar , and melted butter and mix it well. 

2:- Pour this mixture in a square mold , and spread in single corner and make a crust and bake it in 300⁰c preheated oven at 10 minutes.

3:- After baking keep it at room temperature for cool.

For lemon filling:- 

4:- In a bowl take milkmaid , eggyolks, lemon juice , lemon zest and mix well.

5:- Now pour the mixture over crust and bake in preheated oven at 325⁰c for 18 minutes.

6:- After baking keep it in room temperature.

For marshmallow meringue

7:- In a stand mixer bowl  take water, gelatin , meringue powder.

8:- Now in a pan take sugar , corn syrup and cook it at medium flame untill suger dissolve.

9:- When sugar dissolves add sugar mixture in stand mixer and beat at fast speed , untill become like stickly pick form.

10:- Now pour the marshmallow  meringue over lemon layer and spread it single corner.

11:- Keep in refrigerator for 2 hours .

12:- After 2 hours , keep in room temperature for 5 minutes , then Demold. 

Cut and serve.

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