Redvelvet cake 


For sponge:- 

Room temperature butter:-    280 gm 

Castor sugar:-                            800 gm 

Egg:-                                             4Nos 

Vanilla essence:-                        20 ml 

Flour:-                                         740 ml 

Coco Powder:-                           60 gm 

Baking soda:-                             6gm 

Baking powder:-                       5gm

Salt:-                                            2 gm 

Buttermilk:-                               750 gm 

Red colour:-                               2 Tsp 

For frosting cheese cream:- 

Room temperature Unsalted butter:-  450gm 

Room temperature Cream cheese:-            680 gm 

Icing sugar:-  1050 gm 

Vanilla essence:-        1.5 Tsp 

Process of making:- 

1:- In stand mixer with attached paddle, beat the butter untill smooth, then add sugar and beat untill become light and fluffy, Add egg one by one and keep beating by adding vanilla essence.

2. In a another bowl take flour , Coco Powder, baking powder, baking soda , and salt. Add this ingredients in mixer bowl , add buttermilk and and beat and make a smooth Battar.

3:- Now pour the Battar in greased mold with butterpaper and bake in preheated oven at 175⁰c for 35 minutes. Demold the sponge after 20 minutes of baking , and cool completely.

For frosting:-

4:- First beat butter untill fluffy, then add cream cheese beat untill well blend. Add icing sugar little by little, and make speed low to high, Add vanilla essence.

5:- Now layer the sponge and frosting with cream in your desire shape.

Redvelvet cake

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