Question:- Did we want to add caramelized sugar syrup in carrot cake?

Answer:- Most people do not use caramelized syrup in carrot cake, but can be served by pouring over it, which increases the test slightly.

Question:- Can we bake the tail twisters cake in the cooker?

Answer:- Yes we can bake the tail twisters cake in the cooker, but baking cake in cooker is very risky , if you know how to bake in cooker then bake , otherwise don’t try.

Question:- If you wanted to prepare a cake what steps you will follow??

Answer:- For making cake you needed some equipment like otg oven , and stand mixer for beat cream.

Step1:- first we needed to prepare batter of sponge then pour in greased mold using butterpaper. Bake in preheated oven at 175 for 30-35 minutes. And Demold and make sponge completely cool.

Step2:- Now we beat whip cream or buttercream for frosting.

Step3:- Now take sponge and cut in three layer  and spread sugar syrup and layer the cake and frost the cake desire shape.

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