Baby corn crspy…

Preparation method…

Step 1 :-  First cut the baby corn ½ inch slices.

Step2:- Now take baby corn slices in a bowl and add flour and mix well and spred some water  and then add cornflower and mix well and fry at 200⁰c boiling oil until become golden and crspy.

For Gravy..

Step 1:- Take a pan , add oil , add garlic and cook until become brown , now add long slices green chiili.

Step2:- Now add dice cut onion , capcicum , and cook until become brown.

Step3:- Now add Tomato ketchup , green chilli sauce , vinegar , soya sauce , red chiili powder , red food colour  , add some water and cook at high flame .

Step3:- Now add fried baby corn and mix well.

Note :- Garnish the baby corn crspy with white green coriander leaves.


Baby corn crspy
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