There are two types of flour hard flour and soft flour.  We obtained hard flour from hard wheat and it contains of 11.8 % protein and 0.50 % ash and 1.2 % fat and 75% starch. 

There is high protein In strong flour. Hard flour are mostly use for making of bread and puff pastries.

1:- Bread flour :- Bread flour are obtained from hard wheat . In hard wheat 14 of protein. This is good for making breads .

2:- Whole wheat flour :- Whole wheat flour is obtained from whole wheat grains , it is full of bran.

3:- Whole meal flour :- whole meal flour is mixture of refined flour .in this germ is more , whole meal flour is use in making bakery products , biscuits and drycakes.

4:- Cake flour :- Cake flour is  an ultra-fine consistency from a low-protein, soft-wheat grain. This flour absorbs more liquids and allows the cake to rise higher, creating a light, fluffy texture of spong and drycakes

5:- cookies flour:-  Cookies flour are good for making cookies and soft and crspy cookies.

6:- All purpose flour :- All purpose flour are use for making all types of breads , cakes and cookies

7:- self raising flour :- self raising flour are use for making of French  Breads , sourdough breads.


Types of flour
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